Lo Hoi-Pang

watch-G Storm

G Storm

HD 2021 93m
watch-One Second Champion

One Second Champion

HD 2020 98m
watch-P Storm

P Storm

HD 2019 96m
watch-L Storm

L Storm

HD 2018 97m


HD 2017 109m
watch-S Storm

S Storm

HD 2016 90m
watch-Buddy Cops

Buddy Cops

N/A 2016 102m
watch-Good Take!

Good Take!

HD 2016 95m
watch-12 Golden Ducks

12 Golden Ducks

N/A 2015 84m
watch-Z  Storm

Z Storm

HD 2014 92m


HD 2014 104m
watch-The White Storm

The White Storm

N/A 2013 140m
watch-The Constable

The Constable

N/A 2013 100m
watch-Rigor Mortis

Rigor Mortis

HD 2013 105m
watch-Blind Detective

Blind Detective

HD 2013 130m
watch-Drug War

Drug War

HD 2012 107m
watch-Dream Home

Dream Home

HD 2010 96m


N/A 2008 87m
watch-Throw Down

Throw Down

HD 2004 95m


HD 2003 88m
watch-The Iron-Fisted Monk

The Iron-Fisted Monk

N/A 1977 93m

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